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Meet Aleks Bozhilov, Google Account Manager, Serial Entrepreneur

Googler Account Manager, a serial entrepreneur, and a frequent speaker at industry events. He co-founded For Sale! AquaJar and also Crowdholding, a social co-creation platform that connects startups with investors, customers and team members. After a year of successful achievements, Aleks moved to Google as Account Manager.

He developed and executed the business development plan for CEE regions at Google; increased Revenue per Quarter with 45% (from 2.2$M to 3.91$M).

He ensured consistent growth of quality revenue through development of existing clients (Boosted Tire & Furniture E-commerce clients with over 800% & up to 100K$/Quarter) and acquisition of new clients & digital agencies (Grew a top SEM agency from 0$ to 290$K/Quarter).

He organized and hosted 9 educational events and 32 agency-tailored workshops to maximize the profit potential and cash return from the country.

He collaborated with Marketing, Customer Service, and Operations departments to ensure successful delivery of the performance and growth objectives set for the country while at Google.

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