Interview Carlos DaSilva

Carlos DaSilva (Switzerland/Portugal) Director of Founders Institute |Professor | Executive Education & MBA

Carlos spends his time ensuring executives and entrepreneurs trained excel in business. He has had an apparent passion for entrepreneurship since he began his career abroad ten years ago in a young digital start-up that grew big, fast. From Sales to Strategy, he understands what it takes to grow companies.

Temelko Dechev conducted the following interview, and it’s a great portrait of how it works the philosophy of Carlos Dasilva business universe:


  • What is the moment you have had in business that you would define as a Business Storm?

    At MojeDelo.com, a job portal startup, when I was in charge of Serbian and Bosnia operations as the right hand of the CEO. Confronted with the financial crisis, we had to decide whether to keep or let go of our Serbian and Bosnian teams. Sales were slow, the environment tough to do business with, and our sales in Slovenia were slowly cooling down. Both operations meant a stronger presence in the Balkan region, but at what price? We ultimately decided to shut them down for the good of the company, which forced me to find another professional challenge.

  • How did you survive that moment and how did you become better after that?

    Most people would say I acted like an idiot, as I sacrificed my job due to my decision to shut down both units. However, their shortsighted vision revealed wrong. Within two years, I was training MBAs in Entrepreneurship at some of the highest ranked Business Schools in the USA, including Thunderbird University and the University of Southern California Los Angeles.

  • What do you see as a major Disruptive Factor in your industry at the current moment?

    Online Training and Education.

  • What is the single most important ingredient that keeps businesses running sustainably over time, no matter the circumstances?

    Persistence and hard work. Talent means very little nowadays. You need to be hard working to make a dent out there.

  • What would be your $1 million question?

    I ask myself this question every time I take a new challenge: “Am I hunting an Antelope or a field Mouse?”


Carlos spends his time ensuring executives and entrepreneurs trained excel in business.


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