DNA Cascais is an entrepreneurship agency and its purpose is to contribute, promote and develop entrepreneurship in Cascais.

With a startup incubation nest in Alcabideche, Cascais, DNA Cascais have made possible in last 10 the creation of 292 startups and helped generate 1500 jobs with a consolidated turnover of approximately 62 million euros.

The incubator have one of the biggest entrepreneurship projects in Portugal regarding schools.

Throughout 10 years, this initiative has touched 28 000 students, 50 schools and 2 universities, Estoril Higher Institute for Hotel Studies and Alcoitão School of Health both in Cascais.

They also provide training on entrepreneurship for professors. On an international level, DNA Cascais has a partnership with:

ESA Bic Portugal where we are partners with Business Incubation Centre of the European Space Agency in Portugal, in which startups who apply technology especially for the outer space;

Cascais developed a partnership with GEN Portugal(which is also our Partner), a large-scale global campaign, occurring each November, to advance entrepreneurship in more than 160 countries. DNA helps to organise the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Portugal;

Members of the Business Innovation Centre-BIC, BIC is a well-known network which is certified by the European Union, its goal is to reinstate its role in the national and regional development regarding entrepreneurship, innovation, creation and modernization of PME’s.

We are a part of the European organism where all Business Innovation gathers.
We are also members of the EBN-European Business Network.

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