Our attendees are mobile and the Business Storm wants to provide attendees with a great mobile experience  – This is why we decided to work with EventFuel


Eventfuel is a mobile event application to engage and interact with attendees and to give event organisers the big data they need to optimise the ROI of events.


Fueling more than 2000 events per year in 40+ countries

Eventfuel app available in 10+ languages

Eventfuel works with some of the biggest brands in the world to modernise their events and give them the power to instantly measure some return on investment and identify key people within the event

Problems solved

Eventfuel solution allows event planners to create an event app ready to use within an hour in an easy to use an intuitive way. The problems they solve are:

  • Tons of work to organise and run an event
  • Too much time waiting in a queue to check-in
  • Keep everyone up-to-date with last minute changes
  • Attendees engagement and real-time feedback
  • Unclear ROI

The outcome

Great event experience with intelligent use of technology and beautiful intuitive app

Get live feedback, keep agenda up-to-date, foster networking

Get the data you care about, increase engagement and increase ROI

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